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Best of the Best III- Urban Kings Hip Hop Showcase by King Ryan Events

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Presented by
King Ryan Events
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Los Angeles, CA
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Saturday, Jun 30, 2012
4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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*Online pre-sales for this event end Sat, Jun 30, 2012 12:00 PM

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Event Type
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18 and Over , Bar , Concert , Nightclub , Restaurant
Dress Code
upscale, trendy nightclub attire
Minimum Age
18 & Over
Music Type
Hip Hop

Best of the Best III – Urban Kings Hip Hop Showcase


The Urban Kings “Best of the Best” showcase is an annual hip hopshowcase competition by King Ryan Events that features the year’s best rapartists from around the country. The spectacle takes place in Los Angeles,California and gives proven, unsigned rap artists a chance to display theirtalents in front of celebrities and judges from major record labels. UrbanKings “Best of the Best” showcase is in its 3rd year of existenceand will take place at the famed Icon Ultra Lounge in Downtown Los Angeles onSaturday, June 30th 2012. With Hip Hop music at its all time high,King Ryan Events seeks to find out which rap artist will bring a new style andpresence to the already booming Hip Hop community. Thus, the name of this year’sUrban Kings event is aptly called “Rise Up”.


Although this music showcase is a particularly “underground”showcase event, King Ryan Events has still managed to get major hip hopcelebrity appearances at the Best of the Best from the likes of Kurtis Blow,YOYO, Crooked I, and Poprah (VH1’s I Want to Work for Diddy)


Most of the rap artists that compete in the Best of the Best eventare performers that won a monthly qualifier showcase; however, King Ryan Eventsdoes accept candidates that have a strong and visible presentation of their musiconline. Rappers that wish to submit their music for this event can email linksto their music site(s) to 

Venue Info
1248 S. Figueroa
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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