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Halloween 2012 Maximus Overdrive w/SURFACE RISING

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Global Maximus
Event Venue
Chicago, IL
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Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012
9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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*Online pre-sales for this event end Wed, Oct 31, 2012 6:00 PM

Tickets will be available at the door based on space availability.

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Bar , Concert , Nightclub
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21 & Over
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Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock
Come Experience the ultimate Halloween experience. Be part of the live concert audience!
Surface Rising performs Live on Halloween night October 31st at Excalibur, Chicago's Haunted Castle!  You may not be prepared for the truth!  Witness a live exorcism as part of their performance!

The five members of Surface Rising create a matchless sonicassault of intense, menacing, yet melodic rock. The band has created a uniquestyle of hard rock that stomps on the boring rhyming couplet clones and haswider appeal than underground acts.

Surface Rising's sound envelopes melodic heavy to ragingvocals, rock solid musicianship and unpredictable change-ups. Jessie's singingis astounding in its versatility. From Pavement, with its screamo-to -nasallystyle, to the gentler approach on the balladic Divided, to the morestraight-ahead melodicism of Resonance.

The band has already shared the stage with a wide variety ofgreat bands such as Theory of a Deadman, Killswitch Engage, Trapt, Smile EmptySoul, and Apocalyptica.

The roots of the band began when New York born brothers,Gabe and Fatty, uprooted from Atlanta and moved to Hollywood. There theyeventually met up with a determined and immensely talented singer, Jesse, fromsmall town Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Their connection was instant and theybegan searching for the final pieces. That's where Claude Lee, with histhunderous tone and slick guitar riffs, and the sinister theatrical back-upvocalist, Randall Vaughn.

Surface Rising speaks for itself, we're not going tocategorize our music or set boundaries. We're going to rise above specificstyles. It's all rock music, but at the same time a perfect mix of metal andclassic rock, with melody and intensity. Surface Rising has an optimistic viewon pessimism, and is sometimes dark but always in the light. The band willalways be elevating to make more intricate music with more feelings andemotions. The attitude, edge and passion will always be further unleashed.

2012 has already started out as a very promising year as SRwith Global Maximus Records and are preparing for the release of their newupcoming CD/DVD box set 'Enter the Rock'.

The truth we find and eagereyes will open up, and we will rise ...

Concert to be broadcast live! Watch event Live on ROKU & other devices. 
Doors open at 9 pm, Show begins at 10 pm.  Party continues until 4 am.  There will be a Costume Contest with $300 cash to the Best Costume.
Surface Rising - "Resonance"

Maximus Overdrive TV

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Venue Info
632 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60654
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