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Simple Balance presents Alex Flatner and IOAKIM SAYZ with Roland

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Simple Balance MEC
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Miami Beach, FL
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Saturday, Sep 14, 2013
10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
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ALEX FLATNER (Circle Music/Poker Flat/Cocoon)

The personal data sheet of Alex Flatner is a buzz famous projects, collaborations, labels and worldwide venues while he mostly remains the quiescent gentleman behind the scenes. Meeting him without knowing his remarkable stages of success would rather draw a picture of a congenial guy who has seen quite a lot of places worldwide and is convinced about himself but he rarely points out what he reached so far. To meet Alex is like seeing a long time friend and one would be quite surprised that Alex runs several prosperous labels, works as A&R manager, producer and DJ all over the globe. Flatner’s mode of pure understatement factors out several facts which have to be mentioned talking about a matchless track record in music business: Besides being A&R manager stuff like Harthouse, Plastic City and some more quality essentials and running his own imprints Gedankensport and Circle Music he has a broad ranged output taking course parallel to his full time multitasking business and travels throughout the countries every weekend. He released a fabulous mix CD (World Of Circle) linked with touring through France, India, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Poland and Russia. Alex made a great effort signing artists as Sebastien Leger, Robert Babicz Valentino Kanzyani, Joey Beltram, Umek, Leandro Gamez, Bryan Zentz and Gui Boratto for his Circle Music imprint. Being “stage director” and producer he has recently remixed Gui Boratto’s “Atol”, Terry Lee Brown Junior,s "Pulsar" or Steve Lawler's "Almerina", Märtini Brös (High On Heels) , Alejandro Vivanco’s (Vita Jo) cooperates with the likes Lopazz, Anderson Noise, Joey Beltram, Ken Ishii, Santos, Einzelkind, Simon Baker and Reboot. Appeared on Sven Väth “ In the Ninth Season” (Cocoon) or Loco Dice Compilation ”In The Lab" and reached Beatport Top 20! His current projects are the next release with Lopazz on Cocoon Recordings (MakeUpYourMind Remixes) with Jesper Dahlbäck, Steve Lawler, Dave Ellesmere, Sebbo and his next Release at Pokerflat Recordings (Steve Bug’s Label) with Lopazz incl. remixes by Paul Woolford and Wareika!


IOAKIM SAYZ (Get Physical/Berlin)

IOAKIM SAYZ is a Berlin-based DJ and producer within the scope of electronic music. For him as an artist two aspects are most important: Quality and energy. This applies for his DJ-sets as well as for his work in the
studio, because if IOAKIM SAYZ sets his hand to a task he does it completely.

Edged, not slippery. It seems understandable to ask where within the bulk of DJs the space for individualists is left nowadays. But still, there is some remaining. IOAKIM SAYZ is one of those individualists which is reflected best by his live performance in which his subtle and distant personality unwinds and the audience experiences an artist bursting with energy who has a knack for choosing the right tune at the right time and loves to interact with the crowd.

Impulse through flexibility. IOAKIM SAYZ' complex and innovative sounding tracks cover a wide range of styles
and influences. Labels such as Get Physical, Moodmusic and Monkeeplatez are just the first to notice IOAKIM's potential. And there is a lot more to come! Music frst, thereafter the DJ. IOAKIM SAYZ sees his role as an artist realistically: „Who you are and how you present it to the people is incredibly important today. However the music always has to be number one, then comes the artist, period!“

It is just the beginning. Born in 1983, he grew up with German, French and Hungarian roots. As an ambitious teenager he enjoyed a classical music education and exercised himself at turntables and own productions early on. In 2010 he decided to move to Berlin. There – in cooperation with Studio Kreuzberg - the first success as IOAKIM SAYZ can be witnessed. We can be excited to hear what IOAKIM SAYZ has to say in the future...


Roland began his career on South Beach back in the early 90's. He is regarded as one of Miami's pioneers in the dance scene. In 2001, Roland began his long residency at Club Space Miami and is known as one of “THE KINGS OF THE TERRACE”. He layed the foundation on the world famous Space terrace for all dj’s worldwide who have played there. From his Lunar Sessions parties to his legendary marathon sets, Roland has left a strong imprint on the dance scene and beyond. Roland's CD release in 2003 Lunar Sessions was a great success and brought support from all the big names worldwide. Roland is known as one of the most versatile DJ's in the world who is able to transcend music flawlessly. In 2005 Roland helped create Local Celebrity which was Miami's longest running Friday afterhours. Having played with all the greats such as Danny Tenaglia, Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Howells, Oscar G and countless others has brought worldwide respect for Roland's music and vision. His talent has brought him to New York, Chicago, Detroit, South-America and beyond.

Some of Roland's productions include: Peak, Movimiento, People from Ibiza, Harder Faster, Dirty Cha, Time, Molly, Under the Milky Way and many more. He has worked with labels such as Kontor, Nervous, Kingdom Kome Cuts and more. For years crowds have been heralding and supporting this Miami native and now the rest of the world is taking notice. Roland has his residency at Gryphon located in the Hard Rock in Hollywood.


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323 23rd St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
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