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Over a quarter million unique ticket buyers visit monthly. Over 1.5 Million chose to double-opt in to our Weekly Round-Up E-Newsletter that targets a geographic region. Our demographic of trendsetters between the ages of 18 and 35, with an average income of over $60,000/year, have instantly gratifying spending behaviors, and will splurge the extra money for a Ticket to guarantee their entrance into an event; not to mention a VIP Ticket to provide the perfect experience.

Wantickets offers rich media streaming banner ads, premium event listings on our Home Page & Regional Pages, Newsletter drops, sweepstakes, promotions, viral penetration both on-line and off with live event partners.

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Overview is the world's leading online nightlife ticketing destination. Wantickets provides its users with access to the largest nightlife community and comprehensive listing of over 8000 clubs, events, and parties in over 55 U.S. markets.

Since 1996, Wantickets has built up a membership base of 1+ million registered users. Wantickets members also enjoy the added benefit of being able to purchase advance tickets at the hottest events, festivals, and clubs.

Web Statistics
Web Statistics
  • Registered Users: 1,3,57,565
  • Monthly Ad impressions: 25,000,000
  • Total Venue Listings: 84,536
  • Weekly Event Listings: 200+
Demographic Profile
  • Age Range: 18-34
  • Read cutting-edge content about music, fashion, Technology, nightlife, and current events
  • Proportionately high disposable income ($65k+/year)
  • Image and health conscious
  • Go out an average 3 nights a week
  • Share, send, and download music and videos
  • Trendsetters and Early Adopters
Online Services
  • E-mail Marketing (E-Mail Blast): E-mails work. Our 1 million+ registered users (and counting) rely on Wantickets e-mails for updates on the hottest events and parties. Your email blast will reach a specific, targeted audience that cares about events & nightlife.
  • Newsletter Integration: The Wantickets Newsletter reaches your desired audience. Targeted to specific cities and specific demographics, the weekly newsletter guides the Wantickets reader on when and where to go out.
  • Online Media: Our banner and button ads are prominent, attention grabbing, and used by our clients.
  • Pricing based on list size and # of blasts. Talk to a rep for rates.
  • All ads and newsletters can be combined to create a package that will work best for your event.
  • Cost may vary based on length of ad placement and seasonal time frame
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