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Address: Governors Island
City, State : New York NY
Postal Code: 10004
Phone: (800) 782-8369
Type: Outdoors / Patio
Inside Info: Status: Open
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Governors Island, in the heart of New York Harbor, is only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and even closer to Brooklyn. It is a world unto itself, unique and full of promise. For almost two centuries, Governors Island was a military base - home to the US Army and Coast Guard. Due to changing needs in operations, the Coast Guard closed and “mothballed” the Island in 1996. New York’s leaders recognized the Island’s potential, and in 2003 the federal government sold most of the Island to the people of New York for one dollar. Today, the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC) oversees 150 acres of the Island, while the National Park Service manages the balance, the 22-acre Governors Island National Monument which includes two 1812-era forts. GIPEC is the New York State agency in charge of preserving, maintaining, operating, and redeveloping the Island. Its mission is to bring Governors Island back to life. With funding provided 50/50 by New York City and New York State, GIPEC is working to make the Island a cherished destination with great new public open space, and a mix of educational, not-for-profit and commercial facilities. The 172-acre Island is about 22 city-blocks long from tip to tip. The northern 92 acres of the Island are the Governors Island Historic District and are open to the public for picnics, tours, concerts, car-free biking, and more. Visitors can also access the entire 2.2 mile promenade that encircles the Island, and the Island’s newest open space, Picnic Point. The 80 acres on the southern end are not historic. This part of the Island is the site of the future park and public spaces, as well as future development. Governors Island by the Numbers: 172 acres total 102 landfill acres added to original island from subway excavations 92-acre National Historic Landmark District and New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission Historic District on North Island 3 historic fortifications 52 landmarked buildings totaling 1.4 million square feet 80 acres of non-historic land south of Division Road 3 working ferry docks More than 1,600 trees Closest point on land to the face of the Statue of Liberty We invite everyone to get involved with Governors Island. Come visit the island this summer and let us know your thoughts about the future park and promenade.
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