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Frequently Asked Questions


I am trying to register my user account but the site says my email address is already in use?

If you are receiving this message, you have already purchased tickets with us before and already have a Wantickets account. If you do not remember the password you can click the "forgot password" link and your password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive this email please contact support@wantickets.comfrom the email that is attached to your account and your password will be provided to you.

Can I pay with a gift card?

Yes, as long as you have a billing address and CVV number attached to the card and it displays a Visa/MasterCard, Amex or Discover logo.

Can I change my order from will call to shipping?

First, make sure that shipping is available for the event in question. If so, send an email to Don’t forget to include your order ID, the address for shipping (no PO boxes please) and an authorization to charge your card the $12 shipping fee. If you would like us to ship to an address other than the billing address, you may be required to fax us a credit card authorization form along with a photocopy of your photo ID and credit card.

What if I don't want to purchase presale tickets, can I purchase tickets at the door?

Pre-sale tickets are highly recommended as many shows will sell out ahead of time. Entry is not guaranteed without an advance tickets and the ticket price is usually much higher at the door.

What if my shipped tickets never arrived?

You will receive a Fedex notification once your order has shipped. You will be able to track your package using the Fedex tracking number. If your tickets have not arrived after 3 business days and you are unable to locate them using the tracking number please contact

Where do I pick up my ticket at the venue or event?

There will be a designated will call area when you arrive at the event.

Look for signs and ask the box office attendant | event staff were the pre-sale ticket will call is located.

How does will call work?

Will call tickets are picked up at the event venue when doors open. Look for signs or the seller will put other pickup instructions on your ticket receipt. Please bring your ID, credit card, and receipt printout when picking up your tickets at will call. Only the person listed for pickup can pick up will call tickets. There can only be one pickup name per order. All tickets must be picked up at the same time.

I accidentally deleted my email receipt what do I do?

Your receipt can be accessed online in your Wantickets account order history.

Click on "MY ACCOUNT" at the top of the hope page. Here you can access your receipts and account info.

I did not get a confirmation receipt, how do I know my order went through?

After an order is placed you will receive a confirmation page with an order id and a receipt is sent to your email address. If you did not receive the email receipt you can track your orders online in your order history. Here you can access your receipts and account info. If the order does not show up here, there is a good chance it didn't go through at all.

How can I check if my order was successful?

If your order was processed you will see a confirmation page at the end of your order. You will also be emailed a copy of the receipt. The receipt can also be found on file in your Wantickets account in your order history if you need another copy printed.

Can I re-print my Print@Home ticket more than once?

You can print your ticket as many times as you want, but only one set can be used at the door. Every time you re-print your ticket your old one becomes null and void. Once the ticket has been scanned at the door it cannot be re-used.

If I am purchasing tickets for someone else can they pick them up, with my credit card?

You can fill in their name as the pickup. If you fill in their name as the pickup name, they will only need their photo id and receipt printout. Please note, you may be required to fax back a credit card authorization form as well as a photocopy of your credit card and id.

Can tickets be shipped to a PO Box or another address other than my billing address?

We do not ship to PO Boxes and tickets must be shipped to the billing address of the credit card.

What forms of payment can I use to purchase tickets?

We accept all major credit and debit cards displaying the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover logo(s).

How do Print@Home tickets work?

After your purchase is completed there will be a link on the screen to print your tickets. If you do not have access to a printer at this time here are instructions on how to print your tickets from your account. Please note, you can also print your tickets by clicking the "print tickets" link in the receipt that is emailed to you after your purchase is completed.

Step 1:

Go to the home page and click MY ACCOUNT in the navigation bar. Enter your email address and password to log in. If you do not remember your password you can click "Forgot Password" link and it will be emailed to you.

Step 2:

Click the MY ORDER button.

Step 3:

Select the order you wish to print.

Step 4:

Click the "print tickets" link in the receipt and print out your ticket(s). You must bring these tickets with you to your registration point. The bar code on this ticket will be scanned, please be sure to have this ticket with you.

Can I get into the event without my printout | receipt?

Usually your name will be on the will call list, so showing your ID is all that is necessary. In any case, it is up to the venue to let you in without your receipt, so it is highly suggested that you find a way to print it to have it available when requested. Sometimes you can show the venue a copy on your smart phone, but a hard copy is always best.

Refunds will not be provided if you are turned away for not having your receipt.

What if I can’t print out my Print@Home ticket?

You must either print your ticket or use your smartphone to retrieve your tickets. If you cannot do either of these methods, you will likely not be admitted to the event and you will not be entitled to a refund. PLEASE NOTE: Some venues will NOT accept your smartphone as a ticket; please check with the venue directly to see if they require you to bring a printed copy of your ticket with you to the event, or if you can use your smartphone to check in.

What if my credit card has been lost, can I still get into the event?

Make sure to bring the new card as well as a copy of your statement with the charge as backup.

What if my shipped tickets were lost, stolen or destroyed?

We do not replace lost or stolen tickets. The tickets that are shipped to you are your only set. To get new tickets you will have to purchase them.

I purchased the wrong tickets; what do I do?

We cannot make any exchanges, upgrades, or additions to an existing order. If you would like to upgrade your ticket for the same event or exchange your ticket for the same venue, you can request a refund for your original order (minus the non-refundable service charge) and if you are approved by you can repurchase the correct tickets. Please note, not all refund requests for this reason will be honored.


How can I find the event I am looking to buy tickets for?

The fastest way to locate an event on is to click on the "FIND EVENTS" tab in the top navigation bar. In the search field enter either the event name, artist name or venue name you are searching for, then choose are a region and date to help drill down the results.

What if the event I am looking for is not on Wantickets?

If you can't locate the event you're looking for on the site there may be a few reasons for this:

  • The event has not been posted by the promoter or sales for the event have not started.
  • Sales have ended or the event is no longer active.
  • The event is non-viewable to the general public and is set as "hidden" by the promoter and only accessible via a special link from the promoter.

What is the fastest way for me to check out once I found the event I want to attend?

Once you have the event you plan to attend, select the ticket type you want and click the “BUY NOW” button. From here simply follow the check out steps for a fast and easy check out.

So things go even quicker next time you purchase with us use the "LOG IN QUICK CHECK OUT" button on the order info page and all your previously entered info from your account will be auto filled.


What happens if there are issues getting into the event?

If you encounter any issues at the event, you must contact Wantickets within 5 business days following the originally scheduled date of the event via a trouble ticket inquiry at in order to request a refund. Failure to do so will waive your right to a refund. Not all refund requests will be honored.

What if I can’t make the event can I get a refund for my ticket?

All sales are final. Refunds are only given if an event is canceled or rescheduled.

The event I purchased a ticket for was canceled or rescheduled can I get a refund?

If an event is canceled you will receive a refund minus the nonrefundable service charge. If the event is rescheduled you will have the option of a refund minus the service charge or tickets to the rescheduled date.


I have a ticket related question. What should I do?

If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQ, please email Please note, we do not have any additional information about an event besides what is listed on the event pages on our website. We suggest contacting the venue or promoter directly for answers to specific event questions.

Is there a number I can call to speak to a customer representative?

Since we need to have all customer service in writing for various reasons, we do not handle support over the phone. You must email with your questions/problems.


What are the costs to open an account?

Setting up an account on Wantickets is FREE and easy!

We only charge a low service fee to the ticket buyer.

What if I do not have a federal tax ID or Social Security number?

If you are operating in the United States you must have a Federal Tax id or Social Security number in order sell tickets online with

Can I update my account and billing information after I sign up?

Yes. Simply log into your promoter area, once here click on "MY ACCOUNT | PROFILE" button and edit accordingly.

Can I sell tickets with Wantickets if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes. You can sell tickets from anywhere in the world.

You will need to fill out the presale agreement and a W-8.

Can I start selling tickets online without completing a promoter agreement or W-9 / W-8?

Sorry, you cannot post an event and sell tickets until your promoter agreement or W-9 / W-8 have been filled out.

Our system will automatically grant you access once these have been completed.

What are the service fees and who pays them?

The service charge can ranges from 5-15% depending on the ticket price, venue, and promoter.
The service fee is paid by the ticket buyer unless you choose to pay it from your end.

Why do I have to sign a W-9 / W-8?

Due to federal law, we must have a W-9 or W-8 on file in order to remit payment for ticket sales.

How do I sell tickets?

Click the SELL TICKETS button off the home page navigation bar or visit

Register online, complete the forms, setup your event and start selling!

Why do I have to sign a promoter agreement?

We cannot legally sell your tickets without an agreement in place binding and protecting all parties involved.

The ticketing process has many variables which must be agreed to by both parties prior to selling any tickets.

What are the constraints on the agreement?

The initial term of the agreement is for one year and renews for two additional years with the option to cancel after the first year. The agreement is not exclusive, so you're not bound to selling tickets solely with Wantickets. You can also cancel the standard agreement at any time with written notification and you must honor any sales already sold on Wantickets.

What is the difference between Production group name and Billing name?

Production group name is the name which shows up on your event page as the promoter of the event.

Billing name is who we make the payable check out too and may be different then the production group name.


What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards for most events. PayPal and American Express can be used for some events as well.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when the ticket buyer contacts their bank to dispute the charge on their credit card. The funds are deducted from our merchant account when the chargeback is placed. We only get credited the money back after a chargeback has been successfully overturned by our evidence proving the charge was in fact valid. The cardholder can file a charge back 3 times (even if they lost) and can chargeback up to a year after the charge has been made.

Can you wire transfer or direct deposit my ticket funds?

We can only wire or direct deposit funds for an event that has processed $20,000 or more in gross sales. There will be a small wire charge for all wires that will be deducted from your funds. Please make sure to request the wire in advance and provide us with your bank information at

Why did you deduct my settlement when you do not offer refunds, nor did I allow it?

We do not process refunds without prior approval from you, the event promoter. Any lost chargeback will be deducted from your check. We send notification for each chargeback that is received and you have the ability to provide additional information to help fight it. We try our best, but the banks simply pull the funds from us when there is doubt until a resolution is reached.

How do I setup an independent merchant account?

You can setup your own Internet merchant account and approved payment gateway ( only), but we are not responsible for frozen funds, processing caps, and all the other problems that may arise from your own setup.

Email if you need assistance to set up your merchant account with our preferred bank, HSBC. We only advise this method of processing funds if you will be selling tickets large quantities of tickets on a regular basis, can handle monitoring daily deposits, weekly debiting of event sales, and final settlement per event. Inactive merchant accounts accrue fees when they are not processing funds. Financial penalties can also be imposed for closing your merchant account before the contract term is up with the provider.

What if I need to collect a facility fee?

Email with your request.

What if I already have an independent merchant account?

You will need to make sure your existing merchant account can process Internet orders; standard terminal merchant accounts will not suffice. You will also need to open up an payment gateway (if you do not have one already), which we can have access to implement into your ticketing account to process funds. Once your merchant account is ready and your account is live for us to connect, please contact to configure, test, and apply.

How do refunds affect final settlement?

All refunds that you approve before payment is sent will be deducted from your check. If refunds occur after payment has been sent, they will be deducted from your next check.

How do I collect ticket money from my event?

For all non-merchant sales, checks are sent the Thursday of the week following the event. They are mailed from our NY office. You can contact us to request expedited payment, which you will be responsible for any extra costs. For merchant account sales, please check with your merchant bank on the batch payout schedule.


How do I deactivate my event or make it non-viewable to the public?

To make your event non-viewable to the public, select ‘Yes’ under the ‘Non-viewable’ option in the event listing

How do I create a custom link for my event?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Above ‘Event Group Edit’ you will see the option to ‘Set Event Custom Link’

What if I forgot my password?

From the Wantickets homepage, go to ‘SIGN IN’ and click on ‘Forgot Password’. An email containing your password will be sent to you.

Can I allow other users to access my account?

We strongly suggest NOT giving out your account information since changes to your account and/or event can be made.

How do I set the total ticket inventory available?

Under different ticket options listed for your event, you can set price triggers:

1. Select the ticket type

2. Go to ‘Current Inventory’ and input the amount of tickets you currently have available to sell

How do I create a recurring event?

Recurring events are setup on the event form when first posting an event. Under Dates and Times choose weekly or monthly, and you can set the event up as recurring.

How can I add additional people to receive the customer list?

1. Click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’


3. Under ‘Additional Notification Emails’ you can add the email addresses here

Can I add an artist profile to my event?

Go to the event listing you would like to add the artist added to, go to 'Step 4' and begin typing the artist’s name. If the artist is currently in our database the name will show up. If the artist is NOT listed in our database, select ‘Add them here!’

How do I close sales early?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Go to ‘Turn Sales Off?’ and select ‘YES’

What should I do in case my event is cancelled or postponed?

Please email immediately as the ticket buyers will need to be notified of the change/cancellation.

How do I set quantities for various pricing options?

Under different ticket options listed for your event, you can set price triggers:

1. Select the ticket type you would like to price triggers to

2. Click on ‘Price Triggers’. Here you can set the ticket price to automatically change when certain conditions are met. You can indicate the price to change based on either a date selected or a quantity threshold selected.

Does Wantickets offer discounts such as buy two get one free, etc?

No, at this time we do not offer that type of discount, but you can apply a promo code to your event for a discounted price.

How do I extend my ticket sale close time?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Go to ‘Sales Cut off Date’ and change the cut off time to the new desired time

How do I set up promo codes and coupons?

1. Once logged into your account, go to ‘PROMOTE’ which is located on the left hand side

2. Click on ‘PROMO CODES’

3. Click on ‘ADD NEW PROMO CODE(S)’ on the upper right hand side

What do I do when my ticket sales close?

Once ticket sales have closed, you should receive an email with your customer list. If you did not receive the customer list via email, you can manually print the customer list by following these steps:

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Above ‘Event Group Edit’ you will see the option to select ‘Customer List’

5. Under ‘Customer List’ you will have the option to either email the list and/or print the customer list.

How do I notify customer of event changes or cancellation?

Please email immediately so we can inform the ticket buyers of the cancellation and begin processing refunds. You can also access your customer emails on the customer list, and contact them directly if you would like to handle on your end. If you are emailing the customers directly please make sure to keep us in the loop.

How do I view past events?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’ and here you will see a list of both past and current events that you have listed under your account.

How can I link my event to my Facebook page?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Scroll down the listing to ‘Optional’

5. Under ‘Facebook Event ID’ input the ID of the event provided by Facebook

How can I check my event before going live?

Once all the event information has been filled out:

1. Click ‘SAVE AS DRAFT’

2. Click on ‘VIEW THIS EVENT’

How do I add my event to Wantickets?

You must first register as promoter on Wantickets by either clicking the 'SELL TICKETS' button off the home page navigation bar or by visiting . Once registration is complete, you must:

1. Log into your account

2. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’ which is located on the left hand side

3. Click on ‘ADD EVENT’

4. Fill out all the information pertaining to your event

5. Click ‘SAVE’

How do I duplicate an event?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’ and find the event you would like to duplicate.

3. Select ‘DUPLICATE EVENTS’ which is located on the right hand side

What if my artist is not on the site’s artist list?

Select ‘Add then here!’ under 'Step 4' and fill out the artist information.

How can I re-activate a closed event?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Change the cut off time to the new desired cut off time

5. Under ‘Turn Sales off’ select 'No'

6. Confirm ‘No’ is selected under ‘Non-viewable?’

How do I add multiple ticket types?

You can add as many ticket types as you would like. Simply go to the event listing, and under ‘Step 2’ click on ‘ADD TICKET TYPE’

How do I get my customer list?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Above ‘Event Group Edit’ you will see the option to select ‘Customer List’

What if my customer list wasn’t sent to me via e-mail?

You can manually print out your customer list by doing the following:

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS'

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on ‘Edit Event’

4. Above ‘Event Group Edit’ you will see the option to select ‘Customer List’

5. Under ‘Customer List’ you will have the option to either email the list and/or print the customer list.


Can I sell bottle service from your website?

Yes, you can list bottle service to your event listing(s).

How does the affiliate program work?

Affiliates receive a commission for each ticket they sell- the more tickets you sell, the higher your commission. Some promoters may also offer a "bounty" for specific ticket types that results in a much higher per-ticket commission.

How do I advertise my event on Wantickets?

Please send an email to with the name of your event and a sales rep from your region will contact you to put together a package that fits your needs.

Does Wantickets have tracking | referral codes?

Yes. Tracking links can be set up by logging into your promoter account and click on the "PROMOTE" button and click "TRACKING CODES". Then simply follow the easy steps to set up tracking codes for any of your events, sub-promoters or advertisers.

Does Wantickets offer Promo codes?

Yes. To access and set up promo codes log into your promoter admin area and click on "PROMOTE" button and then "PROMO CODES" button. Then just follow the 2 easy steps to setting up promo codes to give your clients and customers discounts and more.

How can I get a list of attendees and their emails?

1. Click on ‘MY EVENTS’

2. Click on ‘EVENTS’

3. Find the event and click on 'Customer List'

4. Click on 'Generate Excel Spreadsheet' and an excel sheet will pull up with all the customer's information.


How do I alert my customers of a change

To alert your customers of changes or cancellations to your events email and let us know what these changes are. We can then email all your customers and notify them of these changes.

How can I pay for the tickets?

Tickets must be paid for with a credit card before they are shipped.

How do I show or hide page views?

Log into your promoter admin area, click on "MY EVENTS" then locate the event you want to turn the page views off for and hit "Edit"

Under the "OPTIONAL" tab click "Additional Settings" once here you will see the option to turn page views off or on.

How do I set up sub-promoter links?

On the Events Page there is a link called “Sub-Promoter Links” where you can setup subpromoter links for an event.

How do I monitor traffic coming from other sites?

To track traffic coming to your event page you will need to use Tracking Codes. A tracking code is an additional feature that allows you to track where your customers are coming from when buying tickets to your events. Tracking links are used for your advertising initiative to measure how successful they are. They should therefore have a unique name that will describe what your advertising/tracking initiative is. For example, if you are advertising in Google you can create a tracking code called "google" so

Tracking codes | links can be set up by logging into your promoter account and click on the "PROMOTE" button and click "TRACKING CODES". Then simply follow the easy steps to set up tracking codes for any of your event.

How do I order printed physical tickets?

Please email the following to promoters@wantickets.comso we can process your order:

Promoter or Presenting Company:

Headlining Talent or Brand:

Extra Blurbs about the event:

Date of Event:


Venue Address:

Contact Info Line or website:

Door Times:


Ticket Price:

Color (blue, orange, purple, or green):

Amount of tickets needed:

How can I see the ticket before shipping

Before we print the tickets we will send you proof which needs to be approved via email prior to printing.

Do you offer pickup at your office?

Tickets can be picked up at both our New York, Montreal and Los Angeles offices.

How do I check sales for my event?

To check your sales log into your promoter admin area and click on "REPORTING" button. From here all specific sales information for all your events can easily be found.

How can I allow my sub promoters to control their events?

When a subpromoter link is created, there is also a reporting link that is generated that you can provide to the sub promtoer. However, there is no way for the sub promoter to log in and view sales. The main promoter is the only one that has access to those numbers.

What are the costs for physical tickets?

Tickets are $.15 per ticket. We ship all tickets overnight for $15 during the week or $30 for Saturday delivery.


How do I get help with hardware shipped to me?

When equipment is shipped to you it comes with instructions on set up and operation. We also provide a phone contact that can help walk you through the set up process and operation.

What is the cost for the leasing Wantickets equipment?

Will call laptops are $50 per laptop, per day. Scanners are $200 per scanner, per day. There is also a $15 shipping fee as well as $15 return fee. All equipment must be returned immediately after the event or you will be charged for each day it is late. We will provide you with a Fedex return label. We require a deposit via authorized credit card for value of equipment leases in case there is damage to the gear. Your ticket proceeds may be held as collateral if you are processing tickets with us.

How do I order equipment from Wantickets for my event?

If you plan on using Print @ Home tickets and need scanners for your event, they must be booked BEFORE your event goes live as print at home tickets must be activated from the start of sales!! You must let Wantickets know when you want the print at home option. We highly advise you request equipment as early as possible to guarantee we will have it in stock for your event.

What kind of offline support do you offer?

We offer complete event management and offline support if your event requires it. We can also offer you independent equipment rental and hardware service for large crowds or fraud prevention. Contact to find out more!

What equipment systems do you offer for lease?

For will call pickup, we offer laptops with fast-entry credit card swipers to verify identification or purchasing credit card to help with quick ticket distribution.

For the print at home options, we offer scanners that will recognize bar-codes on the printed ticket or e-ticket to quickly verify or deny admission.

Will Wantickets supply staff for my event?

We provide free staffing and equipment for event that sell over 4000 tickets.

If your event does not sell this much but you still need staffing we can help.

Just email and let us know what you need.

We can help assess your events details and find the right solution for both staffing and equipment.


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Purchase Policy

LiveXLive Tickets Inc. is an online processing and distribution company. The ticket(s) you purchase on this site are processed by LiveXLive Tickets Inc. on behalf of the entities presenting the applicable event, and all refunds due you for such ticket(s) are subject to LiveXLive Tickets Inc. receiving the refunded purchase price from the applicable presenting entity. By purchasing tickets on this site you agree that you are entering into a binding agreement with LiveXLive Tickets Inc., on the terms and conditions described in the LiveXLive Tickets Inc. site, including, without limitation the following: (i) By purchasing tickets on this site, you are deemed to have provided your digital signature on a contract, (ii) All sales are final, (iii) Cancellation of your order is not permitted after the order is processed, (iv) If the event is cancelled, you will receive a refund minus the service charge (which is not refundable), but only if LiveXLive Tickets Inc. receives permission from the event's presenting entity, as well as the return by the event's presenting entity of your ticket purchase price, (v) If you encounter problems at the event, you must file a complaint with LiveXLive Tickets Inc. via email to within 5 business days following the date the event is scheduled to take place, (vi) Failure to request a refund during such 5 day period will be a complete waiver of your right to a refund, (vii) You cannot request a refund or exchange items of your order purchased for other items on the LiveXLive Tickets Inc. website, regardless of the situation, but not limited to inclement weather, natural disasters, extended waits in line, family emergencies, medical emergencies, etc., (viii) Event personnel at the venue (venue management) will have the right to refuse entry to any ticket holder, without a refund, for any reason at their discretion, whom is disorderly or fails to comply with with rules of the venue (ix) The venue and talent for the event are subject to change without notice, which are not grounds for refund, (x) LiveXLive Tickets Inc., as a ticketing processer, is not guaranteeing or otherwise agreeing that the event presenter will act as advertised or otherwise promised.

Wantickets Customer Service

If you have a problem regarding the Wantickets website please contact us at


Will-Call tickets must be picked up only on the day of the event with the original credit card used to purchase the tickets and a state issued picture ID. All Will-Call tickets must be picked up at the same time. Not being able to pick up your tickets from Will-Call because you do not have the above items is not grounds for a refund.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling fees are nonrefundable. Tickets can not be shipped to a PO Box address. Allow up to 5 business days for delivery for United States orders. Allow up to 8 business days for Canadian orders. If you enter an undeliverable address you will not receive a refund. Hence, if the package needs to be resent additional shipping and handling fees will apply. Delivery can only be shipped to the billing address.

Privacy Policy



We are committed to protecting our user’s privacy. To that end, we offer this statement to inform our users of how we define, gather and utilize personal information. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter this policy at any time. Such changes and/or modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof. Without limiting the foregoing, we may occasionally notify you by email about changes to the Site or provide notices of changes by displaying notices or links to notices to you generally on the Site. Please review this policy periodically. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes and/or modifications will constitute your acceptance of the revised privacy policy. For your information, this page was last updated on Tuesday, March 31, 2015.

In an effort to provide more comprehensive services to our users, affiliates and advertising partners, our site may now be gathering interest based information and using one or more of the following interest-based advertising collection activities:

  • Remarketing
  • Interest Categories
  • Similar audiences
  • Other types of interest-based advertising
This information will potentially be used by third-party vendors, including Google, to show our Display Ads across desktop web browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

Third-party vendors, including Google, may use cookies on our site to serve ads based upon your past usage of our website.

Any visitor to our site can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings. Alternatively, any visitor can opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out ad-on page

We define personal information as information that includes a person's full name, address, telephone number, date of birth and/or email address or any other information that is tied to individually identifiable information that would allow someone to identify or contact you, unless stated otherwise herein or on the Site. We can gather information on our users in two different ways: (1) cookie technology; and (2) voluntary submissions.

We utilize cookie technology to collect data regarding the number of visits a person has made to our site. This data is stored in aggregate form and is in no way singled out in an individual file. This information allows us to know what pages/sites are of interest to our users and what pages/sites may be of less interest. Such information is utilized in revising the website to better meet our user’s needs and interests.

We also collect personally identifiable information from users through voluntary submissions, said information may be provided to our Affiliates for future marketing efforts. We use good faith efforts to make it clear why the information is being collected and what it will be used for. In the event that this information is being shared with a third party affiliate, sponsor or advertiser, we will use good faith efforts to post a notice on the Site clearly stating that the information is being shared and/or give the user the opportunity to opt-in to authorize the sharing of such information.

Unless specified otherwise on the Site, users must be 18 years or older before registering in any of our sweepstakes or contests. When sweepstakes or contests are open to users 13-17 years old, we will collect only first and last names, phone numbers and email addresses for prize fulfillment purposes only, unless otherwise stated on the Site.

If a sweepstakes or contest winner is under 18 years old, we will require a consent form signed by the winner's parent or guardian in order to award the prize. We have taken steps to ensure that personally identifiable information collected is secure, including limiting the number of people who have physical access to its database servers, as well as electronic security systems and password protections which guard against unauthorized access.

We encourage users to be smart about choosing when, and to whom to release information online. Additionally, we will allow users or their parents to opt out of the LiveXLive Tickets Inc. database in the following manners:

(1) To remove your name or your child's name from the database of an specific LiveXLive Tickets Inc. sweepstakes or contest or other similar activity: Send an e-mail to with the following information in the body of the e-mail form: Name, Email address used to register, Name of LiveXLive Tickets Inc. sweepstakes or contest or activity, entered Username (if applicable)

(2) To remove your name or your child's name from the LiveXLive Tickets Inc. database entirely including, but not limited to, registration for all of Wantickets websites: Send an e-mail to with the following information in the body of the e-mail form: Name, Email address used to register, Username (if applicable)